Historical or Heritage Building Restoration Projects

Heritage Building Restoration Masonry Company Shows Some Projects done in Vancouver and Kelowna BC.
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Historical Masonry Restoration Projects


The city of Vancouver was grateful for this heritage building restoration of an old Historical Church on West Georgia St. in downtown Vancouver. The brick arch had settled due to blasting from next door for new construction. Next door the mortar was weaker than the brick and cracked the way it should. We cleaned the brick and rebuilt the arches.

Heritage brick building in North Vancouver B.C. We are pinning existing sandstone into new concrete back up walls using stainless steel ties and epoxy.

Restoration Grout Injection

Interior walls in old gas-town building
Holes have been drilled into brickwork every 12 inches. The brickwork is washed out thoroughly and type n grout is then injected into grout holes filling voids and hairline cracks strengthening the wall for seismic reinforcing

Dunbar Masonry scaffolded this building, ground out the mortar joints, repointed all masonry, washed down and applied a water repellent. This project was done in the summer of 2012 in Kelowna, BC.

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