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Vancouver has many older homes with brick work that needs restoration, especially heritage homes.  If your brick walls or chimneys need repair or a rebuild, or you need other stone or brick work, Dunbar Masonry provides QUALITY masonry work in Vancouver East-side, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver.  Don’t risk using the “cheap guys”.  Have your projects done right the first time with Dunbar Masonry, Consumer Choice Award winner for three straight years, and proud members of Shell Busey’s House Smart Referral Network. We specialize in WETT Inspection, heritage home restoration, and wood-burning stove installations.  See our high reviews here.  Call us at 604-874-7777 for Vancouver East Side or 604-266-3002 for West Side.

Dunbar Masonry and Construction Company provides a range of quality services dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers in all corners of Vancouver BC.  Please visit our gallery to see previous projects including chimney and fireplace services, new brick or concrete block buildings, landscaping with stone retaining walls, and heritage restorations.

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Please contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE.  We believe being prompt and keeping a good communication between us and our clients is very important.

Our masonry services for Vancouver is served from our main Vancouver office.

Phone Eastside: (604)-874-7777

Phone Westside: (604)-266-3002

Our Location

8696 Barnard St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5G5
East Side: 604-874-7777

North Vancouver, West Vancouver
8696 Barnard St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5G5
West Side: 604-266-3002

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